Solid slag samples

Analysis of solid slags samples Slag analysis without sample preparation close to the melting process

If we remember our mobile phones 5 or 10 years ago, we can hardly believe that we could live without a navigation system, MP3 player, cell phone, augmented reality, gameboy or shopping platform. Our cell phones had no color displays, no GPS tracking and the only game was “Snake”. Really, it is hard to believe.

What if we look at some processes in today's productions in 5-10 years? For example, the way to analyze slag in steel mills.
Today, slags are sampled, cooled, ground, magnetically separated, reassembled with the addition of binders, and then analyzed. This is very complicated, and it costs a lot of time.

LIBS can become an outstanding solution on the way to a simpler, yet reliable future. With the slagLIBS elemental analyzer, slag samples can be reliably analyzed in just one step.
Since the analysis takes place directly on site, even transport by pneumatic post to the factory laboratory is not necessary. Thus, analysis times can be completed in less than a minute while conventionally that could not be achieved in less than 7 minutes total cycle time.

This is possible by homogenizing measured values instead of sample material. The more than 4,000 individual measured values per sample are individually interpreted and then added and averaged to form a (mathematically homogenized) measurement result.

This is not only simple, but also smart in the sense of Industry 4.0.

Customer benefits

  • Precise analysis without sample preparation
  • Analysis in one step with results in less than a minute

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