PMI on bulk goods

Resistance against mix-up (confusion) of bulk materials

Fully automated test of material mix-up

Wherever people work, confusion and mistakes can happen. At best, these only lead to waste and increased costs. In the worst case, people can be harmed.

With the FiberLIBS inline you can determine the elementary composition of your materials and assign these materials to material classes.

Advantages of the FiberLIBS inline system

  • It realizes a fully automated and contactless process with fast results in a few seconds.
  • The running material will be 100% tested for confusion.
  • The results are 100% comprehensibly documented.
  • The LIBS technology is working independent of markings and labels and without sampling.

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Analysis of sinter and aggregates

Inline element analyzers at the feed belt to the furnace

Maintaining the correct chemical composition of the feedstock of blast furnaces and arc furnaces (essentially ores, coal and aggregates) is critical not only to steel quality, but also to the lifetime of refractory linings, energy consumption and other process parameters. The supplied raw materials for steelmaking are continuously monitored by means of inline volume stream control to ensure that the desired basicity is maintained. For this purpose, the material usage of the conveyor belts leading to the kiln is continuously analyzed for their chemical composition by FiberLIBS inline or MineralLIBS.
This ensures compliance with the target basicity despite changing feedstock.

Please contact us for additional information and further application examples.