PMI of metals

Positive material identification of metals

Reliable material identification without markings

Various marking techniques are used in order to identify materials and to avoid mix-ups. These techniques for product identification often reach their limits for high degrees of deformation and high temperatures. Conventional methods for positive material identification (PMI) such as eddy current tests are complex and often provide insufficient reliability.
The FiberLIBS inline element analyzer for PMI reliably prevents mix-ups. Each material is identified based on its alloy composition, independent from labels or markings.

Advantages of the FiberLIBS inline systems

  • Fast: in a matter of seconds
  • Precise: maximum PMI, documentation 100% traceable
  • Robust: contact-free, made for harsh industrial environments
  • Convenient in service and usability, e.g. because of calibrations at rare intervals once per quarter

Customer benefits

  • Higher plant utilization rates due to PMI without safety pauses or intermediate slabs
  • Minimizing mix-ups caused by human errors by automatic measurements
  • Maximum quality assurance for your customers

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