Mile stones

  • 1998 Spin-off from the Clausthal University of Technology - Photonic sensor concepts and prototype construction with a focus on security applications

  • 2002-2006 R & D contract - mine search system for the German Federal Armed Forces

  • 2006 CryLaS GmbH Berlin becomes the parent company of SECOPTA - development of laser-based spectroscopic systems

  • 2007 Technology Award of the Committee of the Defense Industry in the BDI

  • 2009 Focussing on two markets - industrial sensors (civil applications) and detection of hazardous substances (security area)

  • 2010 Market launch FiberLIBS - references in recycling

  • 2011 Development of the analytic platform PHOCIS - research project for mobile bioanalytics with the Charité and the HHI

  • 2013 Presentation of the MopaLIBS - fast LIBS sensor for recycling applications

  • 2016 Foundation of SECOPTA analytics GmbH, merger of the former Secopta GmbH with the parent company

  • 2017 Move into new premises in Teltow near Berlin

  • 2017 User Award of the DGzfP for the condition assessment with LIBS