Process Measurement System MopaLIBS Element analysis with high throughput

The MopaLIBS measurement system is suitable for sorting and monitoring tasks
in industrial inline processes.

The MopaLIBS system enables up to 1000 measurements per second. Depending on the application the measuring distance ranges between 200 – 1000 mm. The MopaLIBS is offered in three variants.

MopaLIBS_fixDesigned for measurements with a fixed specified measurement distance.
MopaLIBS_lineIntegrated fast autofocus system for height adjustment of the measuring point along a surface contour.
MopaLIBS_scanFull flexibility by variation of the measuring point in the width, in combination with an autofocus control for the height adjustment.


  • High measuring rate up to 1kHz
  • Robust, dust-proof design
  • Low operation and maintenance costs