FiberLIBS SP (Short Pulse for Minerals)


Multi-element analysis on conveyor belts

For inline multi-element analysis of minerals in the demanding environmental conditions of the mining industry, we have developed the MineralLIBS. With a high-energy laser and a compact design, it is suitable for the analysis of coals, salts, ores and sintered materials, or other minerals.

With the standard equipment, the MineralLIBS can analyze contactless and inline wet as well as very inhomogeneous materials.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Material class assignment or identification of defined classes (confusion checker)
  • Suitable for industrial use with customer-specific communication interface

The MineralLIBS system of SECOPTA analytics is just the right solution for your task!

Whether process control, confusion control or continuous quality control, with the MineralLIBS and the very flexible LIBS Software Suite you have a powerful tool at your side.

Advantages of the LIBS technology

  • Fully automated measurement
  • Detection of all relevant elements simultaneously
  • Automated height tracking

Customer benefits

  • No time-consuming sampling tasks and sample preparation
  • No downtime due to confusion
  • Easy integration into existing process control