FiberLIBS lab

FiberLIBS lab

Fast.Precise.Robust. element analysis in the lab

Especially for applications on the production line and in the laboratory, we have developed the FiberLIBS Lab series.

This equipment allows you to analyze the elemental composition of sample material from concrete, metals, salts, slags, etc.

  • In a few seconds
  • Without sample preparation
  • Also on uneven surfaces

Our adaptable software can output not only raw data but also automatically processed data. In addition, this data can be directly analyzed and assigned to the elements and the element distribution can be visualized in 2D / 3D.

Everything to help you get the results you need.
And only these ones.

The FiberLIBS lab system from SECOPTA analytics is just right for you!
Whether you need to analyse metals, slags, concrete or glasses.
With the FiberLIBS Lab you analyze your elemental compositions on inhomogeneous, 3D samples Fast.Precise.Robust.


  • concreteLIBS for concrete core analysis
  • metalLIBS lab segregation analysis
  • slagLIBS for slag anaylsis without sample preperation