CETAS 2019 Conference 21.05. - 23.05.2019 Düsseldorf, Germany

Alexander Schlemminger will present a lecture: "From laboratory to robust industrial process analytics – A new level of process insight, process stability and process control with element sensors based on LIBS technology."
Visit us at our booth and experience the tremendous advantages LIBS technology brings to you and to your processes!
We are looking forward to see you at our booth!

Berliner Recycling- und Rohstoffkonferenz 11.03. - 14.03.2019 Berlin, Germany

We will present you the tremendous advantages of LIBS technology at the exhibition.
The SECOPTA team is looking forward to meet you at our booth!

15th International Aluminium Recycling Congress 26.02. - 27.02.2019 Colmar, France

Dr. Christian Bohling will present a lecture: "LIBS - Using Laser for inline analysis of aluminium recycling products."
At our booth we will show you the tremendous advantages which LIBS technology brings to you and your processes!
We are looking forward to see you at our booth!

Aluminium 2018 Show 09.10. - 11.10.2018 Düsseldorf, Germany

SECOPTA has exhibited at the Aluminium show 2018 with an own booth. It was shown our innovative LIBS application and be proofed that contiunous, fast and precise element analysis even under extreme conditions has become reality.

IBAUSIL 2018 - Presentation of the new concreteLIBS 12. - 14.09.2018 Weimar, Germany

With the new concreteLIBS, SECOPTA has presented a solution for many questions in building material analysis. In particular, the determination of the chloride penetration depth and the 2D element mapping of drill cores can be performed with the system in high speed and precision.

8th ICSTI 25.09. - 27.09.2018 Vienna, Austria

8th International Congress on Science + Technology of Ironmaking
A Presentation was held by Alexander Schlemminger "How laser based element analysis reduces costs, supports stable processes and increases flexibility in modern iron production".

SECOPTA "LIBS Seminar - Always know what's inside" 28.06.2018 Teltow, Germany

The SECOPTA organized on 28.06.2018 in Teltow her well-attended LIBS seminar entitled "Always know what's inside", which was the first seminar ever in Germany. Against the background of the current "Industry 4.0" discussion, we presented the special features of the LIBS method in more detail, in particular the advantages such as continuous, fast and non-contact measurement directly in the production flow and without sampling and sample preparation. After the very good extensive lectures, the practical part was transferred to the SECOPTA laboratory. The participants were shown the using of our LIBS systems based on DEMO units, which met with great interest. In the evening we celebrated our 20th anniversary with our guests. A big thank you to all our guests, who made the seminar so successful and unforgettable.

7th International Congress on Science +Technology of Steelmaking 13.06. - 15.06.2018 Venecia, Italy

The presentation "Tackling the challenge of inconsistent raw materials in steel making" was held by Alexander Schlemminger.

Field of action conference Optical Analytics 12.06.2018 Potsdam, Germany

Dr. Tobias Jochum gives an insight look into the LIBS technology within the scope of the Conference Optical Analytics in the Cluster Optics and Photonics.
Copyrights: WFBB/Marschalsky

REWO-SORT Project The implementation of multimodal sorting techniques

Project period 01.05.2018 to 30.04.2021
The implementation of multimodal sorting techniques represents a promising approach by achieving a pre-concentration of valuable minerals already at an early stage in the metallurgical process. In this project we propose to develop a fusion technology including laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and multi energy X-ray transmission (ME-XRT), which will be able to classify crushed mineral particles on a conveyor belt with the aid of deep learning technology. It's a cooperation with Frauenhofer EZRT, Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and fcfm University of Chile.

Symposium Structural Diagnosis 15. - 16.02.2018 Berlin, Germany

Participation in the exhibition and lecture by Dr. Christian Bohling:
"Hard- and software for investigating the chemical composition of mineral building materials".

In-line Measurement and Control for Metals Processing 2017 06. - 07.12.2017 Warwick, Great Britain

Participation in the exhibition and presentation by Mr. Karsten Hofmann:
"Cost reduction, yield increase and quality assurance through LIBS material analysis from furnace charging to finished product".

Annual Meeting 2017 of the GDMB Chemists Committee 07. - 08.11.2017 Kassel, Germany

Participation in the exhibition and lecture by Dr. Tobias Jochum:
"LIBS on Segregation Analysis in Metal Fabrication".

Cluster Conference Optics and Photonics 16.10.2017 Potsdam, Germany

Participation in the exhibition and lecture by Dr. Christian Bohling:
"Closed raw material cycles and resource-saving process control - Green Photonics in practice",

27th Spectrometer Conference 2017 27.09.2017 Vienna, Austria

Lecture by Dr. Christian Bohling: "LIBS in industrial inline process control",

EMC 2017 European Metallurgical Conference 25. - 28.06.2017 Leipzig, Germany

Participation in the exhibition and lecture by Dr. Christian Bohling in Session Analytics:
"Operation of LIBS Elemental Analyzers for Inline Analysis of Aluminum Scrap and Industrial Products".

Innovation Forum Microsystems Technology, Optics, Sensors 08.06.2017 Wroclaw, Poland

Conference on new opportunities for cooperation between Brandenburg and Lower Silesia
Lecture by Dr. Christian Bohling: "From the laboratory to practice - how to optimize industrial processes and close raw material cycles with fast laser analysis".

User Award of DGZfP 2017 22.05.2017 Koblenz, Germany

In collaboration with researchers and users the SECOPTA analytics has developed a "Mobile LIBS device for the analysis of concrete directly on the building - BauLIBS".
For this work the project team received the User Award of the DGZfP 2017 in the Annual Meeting of the German Society for Non-Destructive Testing e.V. in Koblenz on May 22, 2017. The results were achieved in the subcommittee LIBS in the Technical Committee for Construction of the DGZfP.

Control 2017 Show 09. - 12.05.2017 Stuttgart, Germany

The SECOPTA team showed their analysis products and discussed suitable applications on an own booth.

Hannover Tradefair 2017 24. - 28.04.2017 Hannover, Germany

With the support of the European Fund for Regional Development, SECOPTA analytics has presented its LIBS analysis systems at the joint stand of the Berlin-Brandenburg region "Industrial Automation".

We have moved! 01.02.2017 Teltow, Germany

SECOPTA analytics GmbH moved into new business premises in Teltow in the south of Berlin.
The business operations will continue unchanged at the new location, your contacts and our Internet addresses will remain unchanged.

Rheinstraße 15b, 14513 Teltow
All offices are located on the 4th floor.

Tel.: +49.3328 35403-00 (central)
Fax: +49.3328 35403-99

14th INTERNATIONAL ALUMINIUM RECYCLING CONGRESS 2017 07. - 08.02.2017 Manchester, Great Britain

Presentation of LIBS analysis systems for inline process control in the accompanying exhibition.

Aluminium 2016 Conference 30.11.2016 Düsseldorf, Germany

Lecture Angelika Feierabend: "Operation of LIBS elemental analyzers for inline analysis of aluminum recycling products"

Aluminium 2016 - Automotive Innovation Area 29.11. - 01.12.2016 / Halle 10 Stand I28

SECOPTA was selected to present its innovative FiberLIBS inline sensor at the Automotive Innovation Area as part of Aluminum 2016. Convince yourself of the advantages of a 100% traceable inline confusion check (PMI) in Hall 10 Booth I28 .

Aluminium 2016 Show 29.11. - 01.12.2016 Düsseldorf, Germany

Experience the newest SECOPTA LIBS systems up close!
The SECOPTA team is looking forward to visit you in Hall E12, Booth H30/09

Annual Meeting 2016 of the GDMB Chemists Committee 08. - 09.11.2016 Kassel, Germany

Participation in the exhibition and lecture by Andreas John: "LIBS-Systeme für industrielle Anwendungen; Automatisierte Qualitätskontrolle"

Merger of the SECOPTA GmbH with the SECOPTA analytics GmbH March 2016

Effective March 16, 2016, the SECOPTA GmbH was merged with the SECOPTA analytics GmbH.
As part of the merger, all assets and liabilities as well as all contractual relationships of the SECOPTA GmbH were transferred to the SECOPTA analytics GmbH by way of universal legal succession.

The SECOPTA analytics GmbH continues all business operations of the dissolved SECOPTA GmbH.

Analytica 2016 Show 10. - 13.05.2016 Munich, Germany

Presentation of the current SECOPTA LIBS systems in Hall A1 / Booth 438

Mineral Recycling Forum 2016 14. - 15.03.2016 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Lecture by Dr. Christian Bohling: "Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) in recycling of refractory material outbreak"

Sensor Based Sorting & Control 2016 Conference 23. - 24.02.2016 Aachen, Germany

Lecture: "LIBS element analyzers used for inline analysis of mineral resources and industrial products"

Bulk materials & Recycling Show and Conference 05.11.2015 Dortmund, Germany

Lecture at the Recycling Innovation Center: "Inline multi-element analysis for mineral based material flows"

Ceramitec 2015 Show 20. – 23.10.2015 Munich, Germany

We present our analysis systems in Hall A2 at Booth 203/304.

SciX / NASLIBS Conference 29.09. - 02.10.2015 Boston, USA

Lecture: „LIBS outside the lab”

EMSLIBS 2015 Conference 14. - 18.09.2015 Linz, Austria

Lecture: „Application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Industrial Sorting of Refractory Materials”

EMC 2015 European Metallurgical Conference 14. – 17.06.2015 Düsseldorf, Germany

Lecture: „Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for analysis and sorting of aluminum alloys”

Berliner Recycling- und Rohstoffkonferenz 16. - 17.03.2015 Berlin, Germany

Lecture on the current development of the use of LIBS element analyzers in recycling plants.

Annual Meeting Processing and Recycling 12. - 13.11.2014 Freiberg, Germany

Lecture on operational experience with the MopaLIBS in recycling.

Annual Meeting 2014 of the GDMB Chemists Committee 11. - 12.11.2014 Kassel, Germany

Lecture on current progress in the introduction of LIBS-based online analysis systems into industrial production.

LIBS2014 International Conference 08. - 12.09.2014 Beijing, China

Poster presentation and presentation of the FiberLIBS lab and other SECOPTA products for the LIBS analysis in the accompanying exhibition.

HMI 2014 Hannover Trade Fair 07. - 11.04.2014 Hannover, Germany

SECOPTA, together with its partners PROASSORT and Eilhauer Maschinenbau, presents LIBS technology for quality control at the ContiTech Booth.

Analytica 2014 Show 01. - 04.04.2014 Munich, Germany

SECOPTA presents its LIBS analysis systems on its own booth.

Moving to larger premises January 2014

With the move within the TGS facilities SECOPTA now has much larger production and laboratory space available.
In the extended technical center, customer applications can be developed now in realistic measurement environments, e.g. over conveyor belts.

Supply of an analysis system for the evaluation of ores December 2013

SECOPTA and Minesense (Vancouver, Canada) are establishing a long-term collaboration in mining applications with the delivery and installation of a FiberLIBS multi-element analysis system for different ores. The primary goal is to increase the efficiency of treatment processes by using spectroscopic analysis technology.

Seminar "Circular economy and future" of the ASV Barbara 26.10.2013

In the lecture "Laser induced plasma spectroscopy - a "Cutting edge"-technology of the circular economy" Dr. Christian Bohling will present technological fundamentals and current applications in the field of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

FiberLIBSlab systems now available November 2013

Multi-element analyser for laboratory applications.

In addition to the tried-and-tested industrial inline measurement systems, SECOPTA now also offers a solution for material science issues in the application-oriented laboratory.
In a measuring chamber with a laser-protective window the measuring head will be moved on an defined XYZ trajectory. Complemented with a target laser and a high-resolution camera system this enables precise measuring point control and 2D scans on even surfaces.

EMSLIBS2013 Conference 16. - 20.09.2013 Bari, Italy

SECOPTA will be showing a demonstration system for compact LIBS sensors in the accompanying exhibition.

Symposium Recycling R’13 19. - 20.09.2013 Weimar, Germany

Lecture: "Use of optical measuring systems based on LIBS spectroscopy for the analysis and classification of mineral materials"

EMC 2013 European Metallurgical Conference 23. - 26.06.2013 Weimar, Germany

Lecture focusing on quality control of non-ferrous metals and presentation of compact LIBS sensors for inline and offline material analysis at a booth in the accompanying exhibition.

Waste-to-Resources 2013 Conference 11. - 13.06.2013 Hannover, Germany

Lecture at the 5th International Conference "MBA, Sorting and Recycling" on LIBS process measuring technology for the classification of non-ferrous scrap from waste treatment plants for subsequent sorting.

MopaLIBS analysis system came out May 2013

A new multi-element analysis system for recycling applications is now available.

The new MopaLIBS system enables an up to 10 times higher measurement rate than the previous FiberLIBS. With a repetition rate of up to 1kHz, it is ideally suited for fast sorting tasks, such as recycling.

ISSPA 2013 Symposium 08. - 12.04.2013 Queenstown, New Zealand

At the 13th International Symposium on Soil and Plant Analysis, analysis results obtained using the FiberLIBS system of SECOPTA were presented.
Lecture by Robert Miller, ALP Technical Director: "Soil characterization using compact commercially available LIBS system"; Section 6 "Emerging Technologies (1)"

Annual Meeting 2012 of the GDMB Chemists Committee 20. - 21.11.2012 Kassel, Germany

Lecture about LIBS applications in the inline material analysis and demonstration of a demo system in the accompanying exhibition.

CBRN 2012 Symposium 23. - 24.10.2012 Berlin, Germany

Presentation of the prototype of SECOPTA´s trace detector TDetect in the accompanying exhibition of the 2nd International CBRN Symposium.

LIBS2012 7th International Conference 29.09. - 04.10.2012 Luxor, Egypt

Lecture on LIBS applications in recycling of refractory material and participation in the poster exhibition.

CERAMITEC 2012 Show 22. - 25.05.2012 Munich, Germany

Together with Horn & Co. KG SECOPTA presented an industry reference for the FiberLIBS analysis system using the application of sorting wasted refractory material.

Sensor Based Sorting 2012 Conference 18. - 19.04.2012 Aachen, Germany

Lecture on LIBS sensor technology in sorting applications and presentation of SECOPTA´s available products and sorting concepts for recycling applications in the accompanying exhibition.

Annual Meeting "Processing and Recycling" 09. - 10.10.2011 Freiberg, Germany

Lecture on the potential of LIBS analysis in the extraction of raw materials and presentation of the FiberLIBS analysis system in the accompanying exhibition.

6th FUTURE SECURITY Conference 05. - 07.09.2011 Berlin, Germany

Presentation of the prototype of the portable explosive sensor XDetect in the context of the topic of sensor technology for security applications in the field of security research.

SECOPTA joined the MoBiCluP network March 2011

The Molecular Biology Cluster network Potsdam MoBiCluP supports the member and partner companies in the development of competencies in molecular biology and biotechnology and in the realization of joint research projects. SECOPTA will contribute its own experience in the detection of biological materials and further explore the possibilities of using LIBS analysis systems in this field.

IERC 2011 Conference 19. - 20.01.2011 Salzburg, Austria

Presentation of SECOPTA's new FiberLIBS analysis system in the accompanying exhibition.

Articles in the Physik Journal and in the INNOTECH magazine October 2010

The new features and extended user benefits of the FiberLIBS system are presented in a short article in the Physik Journal ("Best of"), October 2010 issue, and INNOTECH Magazine, Issue 4/2011.

SPIE 2010 Security&Defence Conference 20. - 23.09.2010 Toulouse, France

Lecture "Trace detection of nitrogen-based explosives with UV-PLF" (7838A-9) on the results of SECOPTA in the development of a portable explosives detection system.
Session "Local Sensing: Nuclear, Crime Scenes, Narcotics, Explosives, and Chemical and Biological Agents II".

LIBS 2010 Conference 13. - 17.09.2010 Memphis TN, USA

Poster presentation of the new design of an industrial LIBS multi-element analysis system.

ILA Berlin Air Show 2010 08. - 13.06.2010 Berlin, Germany

Poster presentation of the hazardous substance detector XDetect in the exhibition of the workshop: "Innovation potentials for person control - How can air traffic safety be made even more reliable and efficient?"

Konferenz zur SENSOR+TEST 2010 Nürnberg 18. - 20.05.2010 Nürnberg, Germany

Overview lecture on "LIBS sensors for industrial applications" in the session "Optical Sensors".

ELROB 2010 Show 17. - 20.05.2010 Hammelburg, Germany

Together with the Heinrich Hertz Institute SECOPTA introduces an explosives detector.

SBS 2010 Sensor Based Sorting Conference 09. - 11.03.2010 Aachen, Germany

Presentation of the suitable for industrial use LIBS-SORT sensor system in the accompanying exhibition.

Article in "Laser+Photonics" November 2009

The current article "Microchip laser revolutionizing LIBS spectroscopy" describes the fundamentals and applications of LIBS systems based on microchip lasers.
The article was published in the journal "Laser + Photonics" of the Hanser-Verlag.

SPIE 2009 Security&Defence Conference September 2009 Berlin, Germany

With its project partners from the TU Clausthal and the Defense Research Institute for ABC Protection Technologies (WIS) SECOPTA presents current work in the field of detection of hazardous biological substances.
Lecture by Mario Mordmüller / TU Clausthal: "Determination of hazardous microbiological samples" (No. 7484-14) in the session "Optically Based Biological and Chemical Detection for Defense V"

Article in Journal WLB September 2009

In an article in the Journal WLB - Wasser, Luft und Boden, Zeitschrift für Umwelttechnik (Issue 9/2009), SECOPTA presents current developments in the field of industrial LIBS systems and their use for the recycling of scrap metals.