Raw Materials

Raw Materials Applications in mineral resource conditioning and processing

The multi-element analyzers FiberLIBS and MopaLIBS are used in the industrial production for processing analytical problems. Typical applications include material classification and the analysis of specifically enriched elements in the mineral matrix.

Integration of measuring systems

For inline evaluation of volume flows, the FiberLIBS systems are arranged over conveyor belts. The measurement is done in one track parallel to the conveyor belt movement. Height fluctuations resulting from the material spread on the belt and/or from different grain size distributions within the material are compensated for by means of automatic focusing. All measurement results are promptly transferred to a master process control unit by using industry-standard data protocols.

Volume flow analysis

Monitoring volume flows e.g. on conveyor belts is decisive for many applications. Conventional procedures require extensive sampling and conditioning procedures to generate a statistically sound measurement result from the vast amount of extracted material. With the FiberLIBS measuring system, the material analysis is done inline, directly on the surface of the extracted volume flow.

Reference systems

Reference systems can be disclosed and might be visited upon request.

Mining Efficient processing by targeted material classification

Increasing costs for processing are a significant factor in raw material extraction. The energy and water requirements as well as negative impact on the environment will in future render essential the use of sensor-based sorting and classification systems in primary raw material extraction.

LIBS in mining applications

The universal LIBS technology enables detection of the element composition before starting the processing task. It is possible to make clear decisions regarding the profitability of processing a specific set of material.

Measurement positions

  • Before extraction, e.g. to evaluate drill dust
  • During transport, e.g. on a conveyor belt
  • During processing, for online monitoring of the process