Glass analysis

Glass analysis Element analysis for quality management

Inhomogeneities in element distribution and inclusions due to process impurities are interference factors in glass production. The basis of production process optimization is a precise understanding of type and cause of the inhomogeneities or impurities. The FiberLIBS lab enables element analysis, in particular also of lightweight elements such as Li, with single shots.

Pinpoint measurements

Impurities detected by the camera system are targeted with the target laser and analyzed with LIBS measurements.
The element composition of the impurity indicates the reason.

2D- or 3D-Scanning

Scanning the surface generates an element distribution map of the glass surface.
By multiple shots to each individual position, 3D-mapping in the section close to the surface is also possible.
The individual spectral lines can be assigned to different color channels so that the 2D-module of the LSS-Viewer software can generate meaningful false color displays.


  • Fast element analysis point by point or imaging
  • Low effort for sample preparation
  • Meaningful results for production process optimization