Industrial Products

Multi Element Analysis - Quality Management in Industry Use of instrumental analytics in production and processing

In product manufacturing it is of utmost importance to adhere to the target parameters regarding the specified mixing ratios. Quality assessment early in the process can prevent waste. The fast and precise multi-element analysis can be useful in many manufacturing processes. FiberLIBS analyzers uses analysis methods for fast and simultaneous concentration determination of the element shares. This technology can be installed in industrial processes as an inline monitoring in which the chemical composition of products is continuously analyzed and reported.
Goods receipt and goods dispatch assessment today are the standard in permanent quality management. With the element analysis systems by SECOPTA the correct composition, e.g. of the alloy of a metal part, can be detect quickly and reliably.


  • Fast inline routine predictions
  • Automatic determination of outliers
  • Data logging

Data analysis

Chemometric data analyses are part of the standard tools in evaluating spectroscopic information in instrumental analytics. On this basis, Partial Least Squares (short PLS) are created for all relevant elements. The data models are stored in the measuring system and are valid for predefined value ranges. This makes it possible to receive fast online predictions directly in routine operation. The expected measurement precision in finding the concentration of the element shares is determined via the model validation and specified separately for every analytical method.

Simple Integration Flexible, fiber-coupled measuring head

The flexible measuring head can be integrated easily into present technology. The separate FiberLIBS control unit is implemented into the master control via a bus system, e.g. Profibus or Profinet.